Two-Step Corkscrews

What's a two-step corkscrew you ask?  Well, two-step corkscrews also known as double lever corkscrews are the latest in corkscrew technology. offers you the largest selection of two step corkscrews. Virtually all new waiters corkscrews today are designed using a two step approach to removing the cork. This type of corkscrew has quickly become the number one most requested choice with waiters. The general principal is that when using a two step corkscrew, there is less effort required when pulling even the longest corks. The top lever of the corkscrew is situated on the bottle then the cork is lifted half way, the second lever is then placed on the mouth of the bottle to lift the cork straight out. This motion ensures a vertical path for the cork. There is less effort, and less chance of leaving half a cork broken in the bottle. While each of our wine bottle openers below differ slightly in their design, all work on the same basic principal.
Two Step Corkscrew

The DoubleUp
Product ID : PC301
From $3.74 to $3.95
Minimum quantity 144
DoubleUp Stainless
Product ID : PC300
From $3.99 to $4.20
Minimum quantity 144
The Rialto
Product ID : PC107
From $5.27 to $5.45
Minimum quantity 100
The Soft Step
Product ID : PC142
$3.25 $2.60
Minimum quantity 144
NovaPull Corkscrew
Product ID : PC308
From $2.88 to $3.25
Minimum quantity 144
Pulltap's - Made In Spain
Product ID : PC101
From $4.50 to $4.95
Minimum quantity 100
The Murano
Product ID : PC222
From $6.24 to $6.45
Minimum quantity 100
The Classico II
Product ID : PC123
From $5.40 to $5.80
Minimum quantity 100
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